Pie Plate Crafts

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After the Christmas or Thanksgiving holidays, you&rsquo;re bound to have leftover aluminum pie plates. A fun way to recycle them is make creative crafts with kids, such as holiday ornaments. You can make all types of shapes and decorate them however you like.

Pie Plate Ornaments

Create a tin ornament with an old pie plate.
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Take your favorite cookie cutter and trace it onto the center of an aluminum pie plate, or draw your own design, such as a crescent moon or star. Cut out the shape. Use the end of a spoon to press designs into the aluminum. Glue on decorations, such as sequins, jewels and ribbon. For the hanger, tape a looped piece of monofilament line (fishing line) on the back of the ornament, or punch a hole into the top of the ornament and tie a piece of yarn through it.

Pie Plate Tambourine

Make a simple tambourine with two identical aluminum pie plates. Take one of the plates and poke eight holes inside the rim of the plate, spaced evenly, about 1 inch apart. Take the other pie plate and cut out several small circles of aluminum. Poke a small hole in the center of each circle to form the jangles. Attach each jangle to the holes you poked in the plate, using paper twist ties. Tie the small circles tightly at one end of the twist ties, so they hang loosely from the tambourine.

Pie Plate Fish

Take two identical pie plates. Face them together with the bottoms facing out. Staple the two plates together around the rims. The plates form the body of the fish. On two piece of heavy poster paper, draw shapes for the head of the fish, a top and bottom fin, and the fish tail. Trace the shapes onto each piece of poster paper and cut them out. You should have two of each shape. Staple the head, tail and fin pieces together along all but one side. You need one side open to attach it to the pie plates. Attach the pieces to the pie plates with staples, positioning each as desired. Decorate the entire fish using paint or markers.