Physical Education & Team Games

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Physical education class provides children with an outlet to release energy during the school day. The games in a physical education class teach children how to play together cooperatively on a team to meet a goal. From games with balls to team relay races, the children can learn how to have an active lifestyle through a variety of simple, yet exciting, team games.

Golf Ball Hunt

Take several golf balls, and write different point values on them with a permanent marker. Hide the golf balls all over the play area. Divide the players into two teams. When you say, “Hunt,” both teams have to find as many golf balls as they can. After they find all the golf balls, add up each team’s score; the team with the highest amount of points wins the game.

Raft Game

Divide the players into two teams, and give each team two gym mats. Have the teams start at one end of the gym. The teams have to start the race by all standing on one of their team mats. When you say, “Race,” the teams must use both of their gym mats to reach the other side of the gym. The players can use their hands to move the free mat, but they cannot step off the mats at anytime. If a player falls off a mat or steps off, the team must start all over. The first team to make it from one end of the gym to the other end of the gym using only their two mats wins the game.

Ball Relay Race

Place two hula-hoops on the ground, and fill each one with several balls -- such as medicine balls, soccer balls, volleyballs, tennis balls and basketballs. Be sure the balls in each hula-hoop match -- each hula-hoop should have the same number of medicine balls, soccer balls, volleyballs, etc. Place larger balls on the bottom and smaller balls on top. Place two bags, large enough for the balls to fit in, about 25 feet away from the hula-hoops. Divide the players into two teams. The first player in each team line must run to the hula-hoop and get a ball. She has to run the ball to her team bag and place it in the bag. She runs to the next player in her team line to tag her hand. That player has to do the same thing. When the last player runs the last ball to the bag, she must bring the back the bag to the hula-hoop and place all the balls back in the hoop. The first team to do this is the winner.

Team Balloons

Have the players divide into two teams, and have each team stand in a circle. Give each team an inflated balloon to pass to one another in their team circle. The ideal circle should be about 10 players standing 2 feet apart. The teams must keep the balloon in the air. As the teams get the hang of one balloon, add another balloon. Keep adding balloons to each circle. If a team’s balloon hits the ground, they lose the game. The team who keeps their team balloons in the air the longest wins the game.