Photo Shoot Ideas for Men

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Coming up with photo shoot ideas for men may seem difficult at first, but once you start thinking about everyday activities the process becomes much easier. The most enjoyable photo shoots for men involve outdoor activities, but even relaxing at home or busily working at a computer in the office are ways to get great photographs. The key is to have men performing activities of some kind instead of posing for photos.

Sports and Action

Sports- and action-related photo shoots open up a wide variety of ideas for getting great photographs of men.

Put the man in a running suit and place him on a track for example, and get shots of him on the starting blocks or racing around the track.

Shoot a man playing basketball indoors or out, or create a photo shoot of him playing baseball, raquetball or tennis.

Less action-oriented photo shoots could be created with a simple set of barbells or a workout bench. This is a particularly good photo shoot idea for men who are in great physical shape.

Family Shots

Family men and men who may not be overly active outdoors may be more comfortable with a more relaxed photo shoot. One photo shoot idea for men with children is to simply have him play on the floor with young kids, or read a book while holding a baby. If the man has teenagers, try setting up a photo shoot of him and the teen doing a woodworking project or working on a car.


Environmental portraits are portraits that are taken of people in their natural or everyday environment. This can be a wonderful photo shoot for men, particularly if the man spends a lot of his life outdoors.

A rancher for example, is an excellent candidate for an environmental portrait photo shoot. He can dress in his "work clothes" complete with hat and boots, and the photo shoot could have him posed on a horse overlooking his ranch, or leaning against a corral fence with horses behind him.

A doctor could have an environmental photo shoot in a clinic or hospital, and a dentist could be photographed near his instruments or dental chair.

Rugged Outdoors

Rugged outdoor photo shoots are an excellent standby idea for photographing men. Outfit the man with hiking boots, a backpack and a canteen, then shoot him in a rugged-looking hiking location.

Set up a camping tent near some trees and sit him in a camp chair with a propane stove or firepit nearby.

Have the man dress in workmen or handyman clothing, add a tool belt and have him work on a home improvement project such as building a deck.

Give the man an axe, a chopping block and some wood then take photos of him splitting wood for a fireplace.