Patch Display Ideas

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Patch collecting has come a long way since Boy Scouts first started earning embroidered badges. Patches are available from many different sources, from bands and sports teams to tourist attractions, colleges and more. Instead of stuffing them away in a box or drawer, put your patches on display in unique ways. You can easily create your own patch display and share your collection with everyone.

Patch Bag

Show off your patches whenever you leave the house by ironing them onto a bag. Putting patches on a bag is a simple way to keep them with you and on display at all times. Ironing a patch requires a regular household iron that's set to a high heat setting (for cotton and canvas tote bags, use the cotton setting). Heat the section of the bag where the patch will be located by pressing the hot iron down on a towel that's set on top of the bag. Next, place the patch on the hot area and hold the iron on top of it for about 10 seconds. Then let the patch cool before adding others. If you don't carry a bag, you can decorate a blazer or sweatshirt the same way.

Patch Cork Board

Create a functional, unique display for your patches by using some common household items and a few supplies from the hardware store. Collect wine bottle corks and fashion a wood frame to fit around them (first line up the corks to the length and width that you'd like your cork board to be, then measure and cut the wood boards to be slightly bigger so they tightly frame the corks). Glue the wine corks together, and then glue or drill the wood frames around the corks. Attach two clothing hangers to the back with strong glue or nails, and hang on the wall with nails. Because of the corks soft, porous qualities, you can use push pins in them to hang the patches. If you don't want to make holes in your patches, add tacky to the back of each and then press it onto the corks. Tacky is available at hardware stores, comes in blue and white colors, and won't stain the backs of your patches. Double-sided tape will also work.

Patch Shower Curtain

The bathroom may not be your first thought when deciding on a place to display your patches, but it can be a great idea. There's a large area of space available right on your shower curtain. With two clear shower curtains (available at most discount stores) and a few simple supplies, you can create a patch display that's protected from water and brightens up your bathroom. Lay the patches on one shower curtain and cut squares around them (cut slightly bigger than the patch to ensure it fits). Using glue or grommets, attach the pieces of curtain to the other curtain, making sure it's secure on the sides and bottom but free on the top, like small pockets. Hang the shower curtain with the pockets facing away from the flow of water, and drop in your patches. You can rotate your patch display whenever you feel like it, or add more pockets when you add new patches to your collection.