Party Games for Christian Young Adults

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Whether you're gathering a group of Christian young adults for a Friday evening of frivolity, or you are looking to plan fun, interactive games for youth group on Sunday morning, various ideas and options are available. Use games that enable you to follow up playing with a lesson surrounding Christian principles. Several games encourage utilizing verses in the Bible to integrate appropriate values into participants.

Bible Word of God

Bible Word of God is an entertaining game that highlights the effect of spreading rumors or gossiping, and the negative consequences of these choices. Before playing this game, flip through the Bible and pull out various verses that reflect positive character, attitude, behavior and intention. Write these scripture verses down on scrap pieces of paper and drop them all into a single bowl or open container.

All players sit in a circle, arm-length apart. Next, one person pulls a slip from the bowl and reads it to herself. She then whispers the message on the slip in the ear of the person to her left, who whispers what she can remember of it to the person on her left and so on, until the person immediately to the initiator's right receives the verse. The last player then announces the verse to the group to demonstrate how something shifts and changes when shared without certainty of its original content. Players can each whisper only one time in the next person's ear.

A to Z

When the weather turns warm, gather your group and head outside to play A to Z. The goal of this game is to scour the allotted property in search of an item that starts with a letter in the alphabet. For example, "A" equals find an acorn; "B" means find a blade of grass. All players or teams begin with the letter "A" and continue with every letter until they reach "Z". Have a notebook or piece of paper on hand to keep track of players as they present their items. Instruct each team that they need to find items that can be visually accounted for.

To make this game more challenging, put a limit on how many times an object can be used. If the area you're playing in doesn't have a lot of natural elements to double as game objects, secretly plant some beforehand. This game encourages cooperation and patience. The first pair to reach "Z" wins.

Bible Balloon Pop

Bible Balloon Pop is a fun, interactive game that encourages its players to act silly, expand their comfort zone and playfully relate to one another. Several balloons in different colors, strips of paper, a pen or marker and tape are required materials. Before playing, cut paper into strips long enough to hold a single sentence. Write various words or phrases on the paper. Next, fill each balloon with one suggestion, blow up, tie off and tape the balloons to the wall, door and blackboard. Finally, invite all players into the room and allow birth dates to determine the order in which participants go. Players pull a balloon off the wall one at a time and act out the suggestion inside. The entire group declares a winner after one full round of play is completed.