Outer Space Games for Outside

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When creating outer space lesson plans for your students or a birthday party for your child, you can include some entertaining outer space games the children can enjoy outdoors. Games will keep children active, as well as give them some hands-on activities that will teach them about space. All you need are a few supplies and a good imagination to get started.

Star Catchers

Mark two lines 30 feet apart. Select two or three children to be the star catchers. All other children are the stars and must line up on either line. The star catchers will stand in between the two lines. To start the game one of the star catchers must say “Star light, Star bright, How many stars are out tonight?” All the stars must take off running from the line they are on to the other line. If a star catcher tags a player, he is out of the game. The last player tagged by a star catcher wins the game and gets to pick the star catchers for the next game.

Ring Around a Planet

Place planet-themed balls on stools. Planet-themed balls are available online and at some sporting good stores. You can make your own planet-themed balls using polystyrene foam balls and acrylic paint. Place the stools far enough apart so players can try to toss hula hoops around the stool and planet. Mark a line 10 feet from the planet. Let the children try to toss the hoops around the planets to earn points or prizes.

Moon Memory Game

Test the memory of the children with a memory game. Have all the children sit in a circle and select one player to go first. That player must say “I am going to the moon and I am going to take a .” If he says “Toothbrush,” the next player must say “I am going to the moon and I am going to take a toothbrush and a .” Each player must repeat all the items in front of her in the correct order and add her own item to take to the moon. If a player cannot remember the correct order or an item, she is out of the game. The last player to remember all the items in the correct order wins the game.

Shooting Stars

Attach inflated star-covered balloons to a large cork board. If you cannot find star-themed balloons, use black balloons and paint small white stars on them. Mark a line 10 feet from the board. Have the children toss darts at the balloons. Award them a small prize for popping a certain number of balloons. For safety reasons, always have an adult supervising this game.