Origami Pencil Holder Instructions

By Caprice Castano
Origami can be used to make a pencil holder out of paper.

Origami is the ancient art of paper folding, which produces not only items of beauty but useful objects as well. Origami is a learned craft and practicing the simple techniques used in the project are a good start. Using paper to create a holder for the tools used to write on it is an interesting twist. An origami pencil holder can be used to hold other items as well, including a bunch of origami flowers if you decide to get even more creative.

Water Bomb Base

Fold the origami square diagonally from one corner to the opposite corner, with the colored side of the paper facing out. Crease well. Unfold.

Repeat the diagonal fold for the opposite direction, making an X across the center of the square.

Fold the square in half lengthwise, with the colored side of the paper inside the fold. Crease well. Unfold.

Gently push the sides of the square inward, with the colored side facing up, so the front and back corners meet. This makes a large triangle, with the center point of the square popping up to form the point of the triangle. This is called the water bomb base and is used for many projects.

From Base To Pencil Holder

Fold one corner of the top layer of the triangle over to the other side and crease. Do the same for the back layer. You still have a triangle in the water bomb base shape but now there should be a line down the center to use as a guide.

Turn the triangle so the point is facing down. Bring the point of the triangle up and fold. The farther up you go with the point, the wider the base of your cup. You can fold it 1 inch or 3 inches -- the width is up to you. Crease well. Unfold and turn the triangle so the tip is pointing up.

Fold one side flap across the center until the top point meets the corner of the crease you just made with the tip. Crease well. Do not unfold.

Bring the opposite flap across to the other point of the top crease and fold, creasing well. Fold that flap back over itself until the outside edge meets the inside folded edge of that same flap beneath it. You will end up with the point of that flap pointing down below the base of the triangle. Tuck the point of that flap under and inside one of the pockets created by the flaps on the inside of the base. Crease well.

Flip the triangle over and repeat the steps of folding both side flaps inward, then folding the second flap over itself and tucking the point. Crease well. Once the point is tucked and everything creased, reach inside the base and pop the sides outward and the bottom up, making a square-shaped pencil cup.

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