Multicultural Art & Crafts for Kids

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Multicultural art projects expose children to cultural differences in a creative format. Children get a chance to create works of art that represent different cultures. Multicultural craft projects are ideal for both classrooms and homes. Families who value understanding and accepting all cultures can use craft projects to help their children embrace different cultures. Multicultural crafts work well in the classroom to promote unity and complement units on different cultures.

Box of Crayons

A box of crayons is a symbolic craft to represent different cultures. A large crayon box serves as the background for the craft. You'll also need several crayon cutouts. If you have access to a die-cutting machine, you can create uniform crayons for the project. The children decorate the crayons to look like themselves, drawing their faces at the top. This craft works exceptionally well with a group of kids that is culturally diverse. If there isn't a lot of diversity in the group, add extra crayons to represent different cultures. Place the crayons at the top of the crayon box picture.

Multicultural Puppets

Puppets with a multicultural aspect teach kids about respecting differences. Large craft sticks create the base for the puppets. Paint them in a variety of skin colors to represent different cultures. Clothes made from felt are glued to the sticks and facial features are added to the top of the stick. The kids can use the multicultural puppets to create simple puppet shows or to reenact books that involve characters from different cultures.

Unity Wreath

A unity wreath is symbolic of all cultures uniting. You'll need hand shapes cut from different colors of construction paper to represent different colors. Choose different shades of brown, beige, peach and other colors that could represent skin tones. Layer and glue the hands together in a wreath shape. You can add a white dove in the middle to symbolize peace or a picture of the Earth.

World Instruments

Homemade instruments are a popular option for children's crafts. Focusing on homemade instruments from different countries adds a multicultural twist to the craft project. Bongo drums from Latin American can be made by connecting two cans with lids. Children can create African drums by gluing together two paper cups and covering them with masking tape. Maracas made from yogurt containers filled with beans incorporate the Mexican culture. The children can create a pretend bagpipe from a paper bag and old paper towel tubes. Musical instruments often play a big role in different cultures, so this craft is also educational.

Multicultural Collage

A collage is a simple way to represent many different cultures in one work of art. Collect a variety of magazines that will allow the children to find pictures of people and artifacts from different cultures. The pictures are cut out and glued to the collage. The children can also add their own drawings to the collages.