Movie Set Clapboard Craft Ideas

By Danielle Hamill
Claboards are also known as production slates.

One of the most recognizable symbols associated with movie-making is the clapboard. On a movie set, the clapboard is used to mark the beginning of each scene, and ensures that specific information is provided on film, including production name, roll, scene, take and what camera is being used in the take. A standard clapboard measures 9.5-by-11 inches. The image of a clapboard is one that can be used in many crafts, particularly ones having to do with movies or for movie lovers.

Party Invitation

If you are throwing a movie-themed party, let your guests know right away by creating clapboard invitations. On a piece of black card stock, use white paint or a white out pen to draw the spaces where the clapboard is black and white striped at the top. Copy the text typically found on a clapboard; then, using a gold or silver gel pen, fill in the information regarding your party. “Production Name” can be type of party, “Scene” can be address, “Take” can be time of the party, and so on.

Picture Frame

To create a movie set clapboard picture frame, buy a real or replica clapboard, use a hot glue gun to attach a plastic picture sleeve to the front of the clapboard and screw brackets onto the back in order to hang the frame. Or, purchase a single-sided, rectangular plastic picture frame at a craft store. Make sure the frame is twice the size of the picture you intend to use. Insert the picture into the clear frame, then paint the outside of the frame in the design of a clapboard. Any paint will do, as long as it is not washable. To ensure clean lines, use painter's tape on the frame while you are painting to cover the area where the photo will be placed.


Create a centerpiece for your dinner table with a real or replica clapboard. To incorporate flowers into the centerpiece, push the clapboard into the center of floral foam, then push your choice of fresh or fake flowers into the surrounding foam. Take a large, empty ribbon roll, paint it to look like a movie reel, use a hot glue gun to glue a clapboard to the top, then wrap a ribbon of stars around the two. Making your own clapboard out of a sheet of painted cardboard will work best with this centerpiece, because it will not be as heavy as a real clapboard, preventing it from falling over easily.


To create a clapboard placeholder, take a small rectangular piece of foam and paint it to resemble a clapboard. Then, push a craft wire into the top right corner of the foam and use your hands to manipulate the wire, twisting it into a double loop that will hold a piece of card stock. Write the name of the guest and what table they will be sitting at on the card stock, and place it in the loops of the wire.

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