Mouse Trap Game Directions

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The object of the Milton Bradley game Mouse Trap is to follow the Building Plan to construct a funky contraption and then use it to trap other players’ mice. Each player builds his contraption while racing around the track in hopes of not getting caught, while simultaneously trying to catch mice in his unpredictable trap.

Determine who the youngest player is; she has the first turn.

Player 1, take the die and roll. Move forward the number of spaces shown on the die.

The space you land on will have instructions. Follow these instructions. There are many different types of spaces: Build, Turn Crank, Dog Bone, The Loop, Take Cheese, Lose Cheese, Go Back, Move Ahead and Safe.

If you land on a Build space, add a trap part by following the Building Plan in numerical order. Take one piece of cheese from the file.

If you land on a Take Cheese space, take the designated number of cheese pieces from the pile. If the cheese pile is empty, take a cheese piece from your opponent with the most pieces. If you land on a Lose Cheese space, give up the designated amount of cheese pieces back to the pile.

Complete construction of your mouse trap. Once you are done building, wait to land on a Turn Crank space only if another opponent is on the Cheese Wheel space. The contraption is unpredictable, and may or may not set off. If the trap is set in motion, you will trap an opponent’s mouse. You receive the opponent’s cheese pieces. If not, your opponent stays in the game and keeps moving.

Move your opponent’s mice. You will want to do this if you land on the Turn Crank space but there are no players on a Cheese Wheel space. Return a cheese piece to the pile, select a player to move, throw the die, and move your selected player’s mouse the number of spaces allotted by the die. You may choose to do this repeatedly until you run out of cheese pieces. You cannot move an opponent’s mouse if he lands on a Safe space. If the opponent’s mouse lands on the Cheese Wheel, turn the crank in hopes of setting your trap in motion.

Capture all your opponents’ mice. The last player with a mouse on the board wins.


  • Turn the crank slowly in a clockwise direction.


  • This game is recommended for ages 6 and up. Children under 3 are not recommended to play this game; it has small pieces that may be a choking hazard.

    Building Plan must be constructed in numerical order.