Mother's Day Crafts for Girl Scouts

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Craft making is a popular activity among Girl Scouts. If you're a troop leader, when Mother's Day approaches, consider having your troop craft gift for their mom's. These crafts will offer your girls a hands-on activity and provide them with an opportunity to make a one-of-a-kind gift that lets their mom's know how much they mean.

Blossoming Twigs

Have your Girls Scouts make an arrangement of delicate blossoms for their mom's. Collect bare branches from outside and provide your girls with different colors of tissue paper. Instruct them to roll the pieces of tissue paper into small balls and glue them onto the branches, creating the look of blossoms; similar to pussy willows or cherry tree blossoms. Insert the branches into a vase and moms will have attractive springtime blooms they can keep all year round.

Handprint Wreath

Preserve girl's handprints in a keepsake wreath for their mom's. Have your girls cut the center out of paper plates and set the plates to the side. Instruct girls to trace their handprints onto different colors of paper and cut them out. Once their handprints have been cut out, have the girls glue them around the rim of the paper plate. Encourage girls to write message to their mom's on their handprints, if they'd like. Loop a piece of decorative ribbon through the center of the plates, which can be used to display the wreaths.

Photo Frame Magnet

Craft a photo frame magnet for Mother's Day. Provide girls with card stock, have them cut it into a square and cut the center out of the square. Instruct them to decorate the remaining portion of the squares with stamps, crayons, markers, faux gem stones, sequins and silk flowers. Take a photo of each girl and glue them to the back of the frames so that they pictures are showing on the decorated side. Glue a magnet on the top and bottom of the back of the frame and moms will be able to display a photo of their girl's on their refrigerators.

Garden Stones

Have your Girl Scouts make a craft that their mom's can display in their gardens. Provide each girl with a large, smooth rock. Have them decorate their rocks with different colors of acrylic paint and flat bottomed marbles. They can decorate the rocks any way they would like; with a message, a pattern, a picture or a label that says, "Mom's Garden." Mother's can use the rocks as a decorative accessory in their gardens.