How to Monitor Fire Calls Via the Internet

fire hoses stretching across the street during fir image by Elnur from

Have you ever seen a fire truck racing down the roadway and wondered what kind of emergency they were going to? Now you can know by using fire call monitoring websites to listen as local emergency calls are dispatched and on-scene units communicate via the radio. This is a great way for those interested in the fire service to get a clearer picture of what firefighters do, and an excellent tool for aspiring firefighters to get used to radio traffic terms.

Determine if your local emergency departments operate on frequencies that can be monitored using sites like,, and If you cannot find your local department on these websites you may need to purchase your own scanner or your local department may encrypt their communications.

Access the scan of your choice through the site. As calls are dispatched and units transmit radio traffic the audio will be played through your computer speakers. These feeds usually have a 15 to 20-minute delay in playback for the protection of the public safety personnel and citizens.

Review the sites resource material to decipher the codes and signals used. With a little study these codes will become second nature and you will be able to easily understand the radio traffic.


  • Do not use online scanners to follow emergency personnel to emergency scenes. Using scanners in this way is illegal and will result in serious consequences.