Mesh Crafts

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Mesh is a versatile fabric used in a variety of fashion, craft and functional products. Mesh can be fashioned into a top or skirt, used as a hairnet or shaped into a colorful tote bag. Mesh can also be formed from metal and may range from fine to thick. Fine metal mesh is often used to create Halloween costumes and intricate masks for science fiction character costumes.

Mesh Tote

Mesh is an excellent fabric to make a beach bag from. Select a yard of brightly colored mesh fabric and cut a piece measuring about 36 inches long by 18 inches wide. Add handles to your bag out of a complementary color of wide grosgrain or organza ribbon. Cut two pieces of 60-inch long ribbon for the handles and lay them down vertically on top of the mesh, 4 inches apart and in the center of the mesh so that the ribbon ends extend 12 inches beyond each end of the mesh. Pin the ribbons in place with fabric pins and sew the ribbons to the mesh. Fold the mesh in half lengthwise so that it looks like an 18-inch by 18-inch square with the ribbons on the inside. Pin the right and left sides together with fabric pins. Sew the sides, allowing for a 1/2-inch inseam. Turn the bag right side out, then bring the ends of each ribbon together and sew them to each other to form the loops for your bag handles.

Scrapbooking Backgrounds

Mesh makes an affordable, colorful background for scrapbooking pages. Use it as a frame for photographs or as a design element for a shopping trip album or picnic theme. Measure the photos that you want to place on the scrapbook page and cut the mesh to measure 2 inches wider than the photos. Adhere the mesh to the scrapbook page and affix the photo on top of the mesh. Embellish the page further with stamps, glitter pens and stickers of shoes, sunglasses, shopping bags and makeup.

Metal Mesh

Metal mesh comes in a variety of widths ranging from extra fine at 1/16-inch thick to a rigid 1/2-inch thick. Metal mesh can be used to create everything from science fiction character sculptures to vases and baskets. Various widths and tones of mesh can be layered on top of each other to create depth and form. Some metal mesh is fine enough to be cut with scissors and feels like fabric, but it has the advantage of holding its shape when crimped, scrunched or folded into shapes. Metal mesh is ideal for creating character eyes and costumes for superheroes and movie characters.

Produce Bags

Mesh fabric makes an ideal material for produce bags. Instead of using plastic produce bags once and throwing them away, mesh produce bags help keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer and reduce waste. You can easily make three or four produce bags out of 1/2 yard of mesh fabric. All you need to create your own mesh produce bags is a pair of scissors, mesh, vinyl cording and a sewing machine. Select a few pieces of brightly-colored mesh, color-coding for fruits and vegetables if you like. According to Craft Stylish, you can cut the mesh so that it measures 30-inches long by 12-inches wide, fold one end of the mesh about 1.5-inches in and pin it down. Cut a piece of vinyl cording about 1/4-inch to 1/2-inch in diameter so that it measures 18-inches long and slide it into the 1.5-inch fold you just created in the mesh. Repeat this step for the other end of the mesh, understanding that these vinyl cords will form a handle for the bag. Sew along the folds. Fold the mesh in half lengthwise so that it measures 15 inches in length. Pin and sew the sides together. Turn the bag inside out so the seams are in the inside. Tie or glue the cord ends together to form a drawstring handle for your mesh produce bag. Make larger bags, if desired, to use as reusable shopping bags for all of your groceries.


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