Making Sterling Silver Wire Wrap Name Jewelry

Solder wire image by naolin from

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • 20 gauge sterling silver wire
  • Wire nippers
  • Round-nosed pliers
  • Necklace and bracelet chains
  • Fishhook earring hooks
  • Leather or cotton cord

Wire writing is the art of creating letters with wire. You can use this art to create personalized necklaces, ID bracelets, earrings, door signs, message jewelry and more. The letters aren’t difficult to make, you just need to brush up on your cursive, or script, writing. Since the letters must be connected, cursive font is the easiest way to create wire names and writing. Be creative; after making your name, create whole sentences this way for chokers and other pieces.

Write the desired name in cursive on a piece of paper. Make the letters no smaller than about ¼ of an inch. Make sure your lines are rounded and the curves exaggerated.

Nip a piece of wire about 2 feet long. You may have leftovers, but this should be enough for even longer names. Grip one end of the wire with your round nosed pliers and wrap the wire clockwise to create your first loop for a chain or jump ring. A jump ring is a small, metal ring used to connect different parts of jewelry pieces together.

Hold the wire against your writing with the initial loop at the top of the first letter. Grip the wire with your pliers and bend it along your written lines. Keep the letters connected by bending the wire as if you are writing the name again. Backtrack when necessary.

Create a second loop at the end of the name as in step 2.

Slide a necklace chain through both jump rings to create a necklace. Create earrings by prying open the jump ring at the beginning of the name and closing it around the bottom loop of a fishhook earring hook. Make a bracelet by using a short chain as you would to make a necklace or by threading a piece of cotton or leather cord through the jump rings and knotting it around your wrist.