Making Printables Labels for Lotion

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Things You'll Need

  • Word processing program
  • Adhesive vinyl ink jet labels
  • Ink jet paper

If you have a lotion-making business or you are just making homemade lotions as gifts, you will need to make labels. Although most office stores sell paper stick-on labels, any spilled lotion will leave grease stains on the paper and cause the ink to run. An alternative to paper labels is printable vinyl. Many companies make self-adhesive vinyl paper that can be used in home ink jet printers. If any lotion gets on a vinyl label, simply wipe it off.

Open a new document in a word processing program, and use the program’s label-printing command. In Microsoft Word, for example, under “Envelopes and Labels,” you would choose “Labels.” A label grid will appear on the screen.

Select the type font and size desired for the lotion label. Enter the name, or brand, of the lotion in a larger type font.

Change the font to a smaller size and “Enter” down one space. Type the name of the scent. Add any clip art or other graphics if desired.

Insert the vinyl labels into the printer tray. Follow the arrows on your printer to determine which way to insert the paper.

Go to “File” > “Print” and change your print preferences to “Glossy Photo Paper.” Press “Print” to print your labels. Peel the labels from the paper, and apply them to the lotion bottle.