Making Felt Christmas Stockings

Debbie Williams


One of the most beloved decorations of the holiday season is the Christmas stocking. Set an elegant holiday mood by creating Christmas stockings topped with mistletoe and encrusted with pearls and jewels. Follow our simple template to make holiday decorations that you will enjoy for years to come.

Things You Need

To get started, you'll need a variety of materials: sock template (found at the link below), freezer paper, white felt, green felt, fusible interface, fusible web, fray check, assorted pearls, jewels, cords and ribbons, and lastly some embroidery floss.

Debbie Williams

Cut Out Stocking

Print the template and tape together at the dashed line. Press interfacing onto the back of the felt. Cut out two sock pieces following the template.

Debbie Williams

Prepare the Mistletoe Leaves

Trace the mistletoe pattern onto freezer paper. You will need 4 to 5 of these pieces, facing in both directions.

Debbie Williams

Cut out the Mistltoe Leaves

Press the freezer paper to the front of the green felt and fusible web to the back of the felt. Carefully trim these pieces out using sharp scissors.

Debbie Williams

Pull the Paper

Carefully remove the paper from the back of the mistletoe leaf cut outs. There should be an adhesive film left in place.

Debbie Williams

Arrange the Leaves

Arrange the leaves at the top edge of the front of one of the white felt sock cutouts. Cut out individual leaves if necessary to get the look you want. Press the leaves in place with a hot iron.

Debbie Williams

Apply Pearls and Beads

Apply pearls, beads, and jewels according to your preference. These can be stitched or glued in place. Sew cording in place by wrapping stitches around the cord.

Debbie WIlliams

Outline Toe and Heel

Outline the toe and heel with cording. Wrap stitches around the cord to hold in place. Apply fray check to the ends and let dry completely. Trim even with the edge. Fill the defined areas with pearls or beads.

Debbie Williams

Stitch the Sock Together

Lay the two sock pieces together with wrong sides facing each other. Stitch with a blanket stitch using three strands of embroidery floss. Add a ribbon loop in the top corner to hang the stocking.

Debbie Williams