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Seashells can add a touch of country charm to your home or create a beach theme for your backyard party. You can make simple or elaborate things out of these delightful items. What's more, seashells are a crafter's delight due to their vibrant colors and sturdiness. They can be glued to almost any surface and are easy to find.

Make a Seashell Picture Frame

Buy either a plastic or wooden picture frame. Collect enough seashells to cover the frame. Line up the shells along the frame before you glue them to see how many you will need.

Plug in your glue gun. Start gluing each shell to the frame. Use a variety of sizes and shapes to cover the frame. Group similar-colored shells together to create designs, or just arrange them randomly for a more natural effect.

Continue this process until the front of the frame is covered with shells. Buy glue guns and supplies at A.C. Moore online, or find a store near you (see Resources below).

Place a beach-scene photo in your finished seashell frame.

Make Table Decorations out of Seashells

Make a seashell centerpiece out of things in your home. Select a fancy-shaped clear bowl (or jar) and fill it with seashells. Place the bowl in the middle of your table. Display additional seashells around the table for added decoration.

Use a wide variety of colorful shells to fill the bowl. This will add to the centerpiece and make the shells stand out. Select shell colors that coincide with the room's décor.

Create napkin rings out of seashells. Use a flat shell such as a scallop and dab a drop of glue on its underside. Attach the shell to a metal, plastic or wood napkin ring (1 to 2 inches wide).

Let the shell and the ring dry. Pull a napkin through the ring. (Cloth napkins look best.)

Things You'll Need

  • Frame
  • Seashells
  • Hot glue gun/sticks
  • Clear bowl or jar
  • Metal, wood or plastic rings


  • Collect seashells to make things for your home by gathering them at the beach or buying packages at your local craft store. Get as many as you can since you can always store the ones you do not use. For a whimsical touch to your living room, glue a sand dollar to the end of a piece of fabric ribbon and hang it over an empty rustic wood frame. Display the frame (along with other different sized frames) on your mantel.


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