How to Make a Remote Control Airplane

Flying RC airplanes is an entertaining way to spend a leisurely afternoon with friends and family. Even more fun than flying a remote control airplane is building one. Building your own RC airplane is a pretty simple project that just requires a few tools, some time and some creativity. This is also a great project to get the whole family involved in as each member can contribute to putting it together.

Choose the type of remote control airplane you would like to build. There are all kinds of different model RC planes you can build, from fighter jets to miniature models of bush planes. It all depends on what you are into and what skill level you are comfortable building. An RC airplane kit typically runs for about $200. Check with your local hobby shop for more details involving price.

Clear out a work space for your plane. The same place you use to build your plane should also have adequate space to store your new plane as well. Make sure the area you use is dry and warm to avoid warping the wood of the plane. A great place to build your plane would be your garage. Clean it out and organize your toolbox in order to help you find the tools you need to put your plane together.

Remove the plane's parts from the kit and organize them. Get a few plastic containers and group the parts according to their type and store them in the containers so that you don't lose them.

Take sandpaper and sand all the parts of the plane's body. Most RC planes are made of wood and you will want to make sure all the parts are smooth with no rough edges or nicks in the wood. These could cause your plane not to fly correctly, so it's important to make sure the parts are smooth.

Assemble the remote control and place the remote sensor in the airplane. Once you have put the engine and all the electronics together, finish assembling the body of the plane.

Paint your airplane using an airbrush. Using an airbrush will help you to avoid missing spots and will help you paint the body quickly. You can paint the plane the same color as the picture on the box, or you can customize it yourself to give it a personal touch.

Take your plane to the park for test flight. Make sure that the area you are using to fly your plane is not heavily populated and is not close to any passing traffic.

Things You'll Need

  • RC airplane kit
  • Model glue
  • Sandpaper
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Paint
  • Work space