How to Make Playing Cards With Your Computer

Create customised playing cards by printing your own card deck.
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Put down that standard deck of red and black. Shuffle up the look of a deck of playing cards by creating a set on the computer. Whether you want to personalize the cards for poker night or create an interesting party favor, with few supplies and a bit of patience you’ll wind up with a unique set of 52.

Select a Microsoft Word template that corresponds with the size and layout of your perforated business card sheets. The template will provide appropriately sized guidelines on your screen to work within.

Create a uniform background for your deck. Insert clip art or photo in one of the business card boxes. Adjust its size to fit. Then copy and paste the art into each box in the template. For a poker night deck, place a photo of your usual group on each card.

Print this sheet several times in order to wind up with 52 cards. This number of times you print will depend on how many cards are on each sheet of business card paper and how many decks you intend to make.

Design the other side of the cards. Create a new file and select the same template in Microsoft Word. Arrange clip art and text boxes containing numbers or letters to create cards 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Ace, Jack, Queen and King for each suit. Remember hearts and diamonds are red. Spades and clubs are black. For a baby shower deck, make hearts and diamonds pink and spades and clubs blue.

Print this work on the flip-side of your business card sheets.

Tear along the perforations and you have a uniform set of unique cards.


Find an example deck of standard cards on the web to use as a guideline.

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