How to Make Your Own Knight Armor

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Whether you are joining a reenactment society or want a costume for a party, you may want some knight armor to wear. Even though there are a number of outlets that sell knight armor, they can be quite expensive. With an investment of time and a little effort, you can make your own knight armor for a custom fit, designing it at a reasonable price.

Making Knight Armor

Decide what type of knight armor you would like to make. There are many options, including plate mail, chain mail, scale mail and leather armor. When choosing, take into consideration the expense, weight and the availability of materials.

Find a set of instructions or a good pattern for the specific type of armor that you chose. (See links below.) Historical reenactment societies and fantasy enthusiasts often have patterns as well as expertise to share.

Take your measurements, including the waist, chest (in several places), and arm length. If the silhouette appears somewhat irregular, take measurements at the places the shape changes.

Calculate the amount of the materials you will need and determine the tools you will need to put them together. You can make, for example, a chain mail shirt using several hundred metal washers and a couple of sturdy pliers. For the leather knight armor, you will need at least one hide, a tool to cut it with and a fastener for the pieces (e.g., rivets--also, do not forget the punching tool).

Collect or buy the materials and tools. You may want to get extra materials to practice on.

Follow the instructions that came with the pattern. Usually, you will start leather armor by first tracing a pattern on a leather sheet and then cutting it out with special scissors or a sharp knife. After that you can fasten the pieces together. If you are making a chain mail, you will probably begin by hooking the links of the chain mail together, making the torso of the armor, then working on the shoulders and sleeves.

Put on some finishing touches. You may add a liner for your comfort, gauntlets and maybe some other accessories in order to complete your "knighty" look.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Pattern or instructions
  • Materials such as leather hides, metal plates or metal rings
  • Appropriate tools