How to Make Glass Glare-Resistant

You can make the glass of your windshield, windows or cellphone display glare-resistant. Images

Occasionally when driving, you may be unable to see out of your front windshield because of glares on the glass. In areas of sunlight, you may not be able to read your cellphone display because of the glare. It's possible to make glass glare-resistant with a do-it-yourself kit or by buying this service at a nanotechnology surface store (see Resources). To do it yourself, buy a reputable kit and set aside an afternoon to complete the process.

Mix the nano glass coating well with a paint stick. Nano glass coating is made of silicon dioxide, which comes from quartz sand, and water or ethanol. It helps resist water, dirt and UV light, which reduces glare on glass. Nano glass coating can't be made at home, but it can be bought. Stores carrying nano glass coating get the product from international chemical labs.

Put the nano glass coating in a spray bottle.

Spray it on the glass surface.

Wipe it with a soft cloth. Smear the nano glass coating across the surface so that it's evenly distributed. The application should be thin.

Allow at least four hours for the surface to dry, depending on the temperature and humidity of the area.

Things You'll Need

  • Glass anti-glare coating kit
  • Paint stick
  • Spray bottle
  • Soft cloth


  • Nano glass coating kits usually contain enough of the liquid coating to cover 2 to 3 square meters of glass.

    Further instructions and cautionary material are included in the kit.