How to Make Fireproof Paper

You can make any paper fireproof, regardless what it is made of, its texture, thickness or if it has been written on. This process will not damage the quality of the paper in any way. In fact, it makes the paper stronger. Protect your important papers or stashed money in your home from an unexpected house fire by making them fireproof.

Pour water into a shallow container until it is about a quarter of the way full.

Add alum to the water until it is about half alum and half water. Stir up these 2 ingredients until they are mixed well.

Find a document that you would like to make fireproof and hold it up by its corners.

Dip the paper into the solution then remove it when it has been entirely coated.

Hang up the piece of paper so that it can dry completely. You can hang it with clips onto a string or wire-but be careful, as a wet piece of paper can rip easily.

Coat the paper 2 to 3 more times after it has dried completely until the paper is thoroughly saturated and soaked through. Some paper may need to be dipped more times than others depending upon the thickness and quality of the paper.


You can purchase alum in most grocery stores. Alum is an ingredient used for pickling and can typically is found in the spice section of the grocery store. Fireproofing your paper documents will not affect the quality of the paper or the print on them. For fun, try lighting the paper after the process is complete and the paper is completely dry.

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