How to Locate Discontinued China Patterns

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Whether you buy or inherit an older pattern of discontinued china, you may find that you are missing pieces. Locating a discontinued pattern of china can be difficult if you are only searching in stores. Using the Internet as a resource, you can find hundreds of patterns from hundreds of manufacturers. For most online dinnerware directories, you will need to know at least the manufacturer and, if possible, the pattern name, version or pattern number.

You can also consider looking in other places, such as online auctions, yard sales or estate sales. Contacting the manufacturer directly might also help you locate the discontinued china pieces.

Finding Discontinued China Patterns

Browse on your computer, using the Internet, to a dinnerware directory, such as Old China Patterns Limited, Noritake China, Replacements or China Replacements.

Enter as much information as you have about the pattern you are searching for in the search forms. You may be asked to provide the manufacturer's name, the pattern name or the pattern number. You also may have to look at images provided by the manufacturers on a directory's page.

Identify your china pattern if it is available.

Order any pieces needed to complete your set by following the purchasing directions.

Contact the manufacturer directly as another option for finding a discontinued china pattern.

Search for your china at yard sales or estate sales. It is a good idea if you are looking at a yard sale or estate sale to bring a piece of the china you are looking for or a very detailed picture in order to match your pieces to those being sold.

Browse online auctions for your pattern. Verify that the seller in an online auction has an actual piece of your china pattern and not a copy. Be prepared with the manufacturer's name, pattern name and pattern number to verify you are purchasing the right pieces. Most china has specific manufacturing markings to help you verify whether it is an original, so it is important to look for those in the listing or ask the online seller to provide proof of them.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Manufacturer's name
  • Pattern name
  • Pattern number