List of Hobbies for Girls

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Hobbies are not a primary occupation, rather they are activities or interests pursued for the purpose of relaxation and pleasure. A hobby can be anything a person really enjoys doing during her spare time. Today, the fine line demarcating what boys do and what girls do for hobbies has become blurred. Girls and boys tend to do many of the same things, for example, wood carving can be a hobby that a boy would take up or a girl would enjoy doing. The list of hobbies for girls is endless and is in no way limited to needlepoint and macrame.

Playing an Instrument

The ability to play an instrument is a special hobby that allows the creativity of the individual to surface. The benefits of taking up an instrument as a hobby include encouraging self-expression through music, the ability to get in touch with the inner person and developing creativity that frees the soul. Learning to play an instrument can be done in childhood or the teenage years. It is possible to learn to play an instrument at any stage in life. Playing an instrument as a hobby is known to be both fun and fulfilling for the individual.

Jewelry Making

Designing and making jewelry can be one of the most satisfying hobbies. It does not matter in which area of jewelry making the person’s interest lies; the ability to create unique pieces will bring great pleasure. Getting an education in the art of jewelry making is not difficult; libraries and online help sites provide considerable information for anyone wishing to learn this as a hobby. Simple jewelry-making techniques, like bead stringing or macrame necklaces and bracelets, can be learned from step-by-step instruction guides provided online. More complex techniques like metal casting will require attending a class to be instructed in the art.


With the advanced technology available today in the form of digital photography, this is no longer an expensive hobby. It is now possible to take numerous pictures with different camera settings under diverse lighting conditions, keep what you want and delete the rest. Photography is a very interesting hobby, with plenty of scope for really good photographers. Pictures can be sold to magazines, like "National Geographic," providing they meet the grade. To capture something outstanding for posterity is a great feeling. The Internet has a wealth of guides on how to take excellent pictures, and it is not all that difficult to learn the techniques of taking great pictures.


Volunteering to help others as a hobby is not something that most people would consider. There are many ways by which people can give back to the community on their own terms and enjoy doing so. Volunteering as a hobby can be as fulfilling and enjoyable as the individual decides to make it. Some ideas for volunteering include reading to the elderly in the hospital, playing with children in an orphanage, working in a soup kitchen, taking a pet into a nursing home to cheer up the residents, helping to host meals for the homeless and knitting for charity.