Lighthouse Craft Ideas

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Lighthouses are important utilitarian items for ship captains trying to navigate in the sometimes dark sea. But lighthouse images and models can be used in home decor or to decorate for a nautical party, too. Lighthouse crafts can also be used to enhance a lesson on the ocean and marine life.

Bottle Craft

Create a lighthouse out of a soda bottle to use as a decor item. Cut a clear 2 liter soda bottle in half. Paint the bottom half white. Put a lump of clay at the bottom, insert a flashlight (light up) into the clay and cut an opening on the side of the bottle so the flashlight can be turned on and off. Paint the neck of the bottle red to resemble a roof. Leave the strip between the roof and the bottom half clear to be windows. Use black electrician tape to both replace the top and form the bottom window frame.

You can also create a smaller lighthouse out of an individual serving size water bottle. Just paint the bottle to resemble a lighthouse and forgo cutting it in half or inserting a flashlight.

Clay Pot Craft

Create a lighthouse out of stacked clay pots. Paint three different sized clay pots white and the smallest pot yellow. The pots will have to fit on top of each other when stacked. Paint the rims a soft color like pastel green or blue. Glue the pots together with the largest pot upside down as the base, then the second largest pot, third largest pot and then the smallest pot on top to resemble the light. Paint the smallest pot's saucer black and turn it upside down on the top to be the roof. Paint windows and a door to complete the craft.

Another way to create a lighthouse craft is to paint a lighthouse image on the side of a clay pot and use it to house a potted plant.

Paper Crafts

Use paper to create a lighthouse craft for fun or decoration. Paint a toilet paper roll white except for one end, which should be painted yellow to represent the light. Stand the roll on end with the yellow part up. Make a cone for the roof out of black construction paper. Draw details onto the roll such as windows and doors.

Another paper lighthouse craft is to draw the shape of a lighthouse out on poster board. Use paint, construction paper and markers to add the details. Frame it for a piece of wall art.

Other Lighthouse Craft Ideas

There are many other ways to create a lighthouse craft projects. Create a lighthouse drawing using drawing paper and colored pencils. Frame the art and hang it on the wall as a home decor item. Use lighthouse motif fabric to make a lighthouse themed throw pillow or cut out the lighthouse image and sew it onto a T-shirt to create a lighthouse themed shirt.