Let's Make a Deal Costume Ideas

Sean Murphy/Lifesize/Getty Images

Starting in 2009, a television game show that was popular decades ago, "Let's Make a Deal," was brought back with Wayne Brady as the host. People dressed in crazy costumes fill the audience, aiming to catch Brady's attention during the show to get a chance to make a deal and win cash or prizes. It's helpful to have a costume that really stands out.

French Fries

Dress up as an order of fast-food French fries for a noticeable costume. Make the French fry box out of foam board and spray-paint it red. Taper the front to look like the French fry boxes you get at popular fast food restaurants and leave arm holes to hold up the box. Cut more foam into long rectangular pieces and spray-paint them yellow to serve as your French fries. To add to your costume, paint an old pillowcase red, write "ketchup" on both sides, and carry it with you.


Go high tech and make yourself an iPod costume to wear on "Let's Make a Deal." Cut out a large piece of cardboard in the shape of an iPod, just large enough to cover you from your neck to your knees or shins. Use white paper to cover the cardboard or paint it white with spray paint. Use two pieces of printer paper to draw out your play list and glue it to the top of the iPod. Draw the iPod buttons onto its lower half. Attach straps to the costume so it can be worn over your shoulders and you're ready to go.

Chia Pet

You're sure to get Brady's attention when you dress up as a life-size Chia Pet. Glue some green moss, which can be bought at home improvement stores, onto an old green or black sweatsuit. Paint your face orange, then spray your hair with green hair paint, something you can usually find in costume or party stores that washes right out. Use puff paint to write the word Chia on one of your sleeves, where it's noticeable.

Rodeo Clown

Visit a secondhand or thrift store and purchase some old, oversized blue jeans, suspenders and a bright looking shirt. Cut the jeans into shorts and wear them with the shirt and suspenders. Add a pair of boots or tennis shoes with tall goofy looking socks and a cowboy hat. Cover your face with white face paint, draw a big clown smile around your lips and decorate your face to look funny. Now, you're a rodeo clown who's likely to get some stares when you appear on "Let's Make a Deal."


Catch a lot of stares when you appear on "Let's Make a Deal" in your costume of grapes. Blow up approximately 30 purple balloons and tie them together using some yarn or string. Put on a purple sweat shirt and sweat pants, and wrap your string of balloons around your body while pinning the yarn to your clothing with safety pins. Take some leaves and attach them to your hair with bobby pins...and you're a bunch of grapes.