Learning How to Make Do-Rags

Urban fashionistas have embraced the do-rag as one of the must-have accessories of street style. Perhaps its the example of Snoop Dog or 50 cent sporting tight black do-rags that has many hipsters and hip-hoppers falling suit. They are not alone. Everyone from surgeons to bikers, from wrestlers to football players has found do-rags useful. Making a do-rag is a relatively simple and affordable project. The versatility of do-rags means that your project will be instantly usable. People wear them year-round, in all kinds of weather.

Things You'll Need

  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Fabric
  • Paper
  • Thread

Choose your fabric. Classic do-rags are typically made of cotton or a cotton and Lycra blend, which allows the scalp to breathe. The Lycra adds a bit of fashionable stretch to the do-rag. However, you can branch out and try making a do-rag out of wool or flannel for winter wear, or go the arts and crafts route and make something out of some cool vintage material.

Create a pattern. For a do-rag for an adult male, this pattern uses 1/4-inch seams. For women, try 1/2-inch seams. The hat will measure 24 inches long, including the tail, which is 10 inches. It is 5 inches wide along the top. Draw the body of the hat by drawing a line measuring 5 inches at the top of the paper, representing the top edge of the hat.

The shape of the pattern piece

Mark the pattern at 7 inches from the top and at 14 inches from the top. The bottom edge of the paper is the where the fabric will fold. Draw a 24-inch long line downward from the top mark, curving to the next mark. At the 14-inch spot, the width should be 5 inches. Consult the photograph for reference for the overall shape.

Draw a pattern for the sides of the do-rag. Use a 7-inch pie plate and trace a circle. Cut the circle in half. Draw a rectangle measuring 6 by 44 inches. Cut out all the pattern pieces so you can pin them to the fabric.

Pin the patterns to the fabric to cut the fabric. After the fabric is cut, pin one of the half circles to the main body of the do-rag, where it curves. Sew the curves together. Do the same process for the sides. Trim the edges of the fabric for a smoother look.

Fold the long side of the band that will be used for tying the do-rag. Sew together the sides and ends, leaving the center section open. Turn these segments right side out. Pin these sides and ends to the edge of the hat and sew it together.


  • A quick-and-dirty method is to use a bandana square and a separate piece of fabric to tie around it.


  • Don't let your do-rag shrink! Wash the do-rag in cold water and hang it to dry.