Knitting Board Instructions

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Things You'll Need

  • Knitting board
  • Yarn
  • Crochet hook

A knitting board helps you make hand-knitted creations without the use of knitting needles. The pegs on a knitting board substitute for the needles in the knitting process, and the result is a rectangle of knitted fabric. Once you learn the basics of how to use a knitting board, you can improvise and experiment with new pattern ideas and designs. You do not need any prior knitting experience to follow these knitting board instructions.

Hold the knitting board vertically in your left hand. Leave a 3-inch tail of yarn and pinch that tail between your left fingers and the board. Hold the yarn in your right hand and wrap it around the pegs on the knitting board. Wrap the pegs back and forth from one side to the next in a figure-eight shape, then come back up in the opposite direction until you wind up where you started, at the first peg on the top left of the board. The Annie's Yarn website has a useful diagram showing how to do this.

Starting with the first peg you wrapped, use your crochet hook to lift the bottom loop up and over the peg from the outside of the knitting board and then drop it on the other side of the peg, leaving one wrapped loop still on the peg. Continue to wrap all the way down the left side and back up the other side, finishing with the top right peg on the knitting board.

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 to wrap and knit another row. Continue this step until you have knitted as many rows as you want and there are only one set of wraps around each peg.

One by one, lift the loops off of the left side pegs and move them to the corresponding pegs on the right side of the knitting board. Starting back at the top, lift the bottom wrap up and over the peg from the outside of the board to the inside and let it drop. There should be only one wrap of yarn on each peg on the right side of the board, with no wraps on the left side.

Cut your working yarn, leaving a tail that is 6 inches longer than your knitting board. Starting at the top right peg, use your crochet hook to thread this tail of yarn through the loops on the pegs one by one. As you pull the working yarn through the loop, pull gently to tighten the stitches. When you reach the other end you will have bound off all of your stitches and your knitted piece will be free of the knitting board.


  • Wrap your first set of loops somewhat loosely so that you will be able to use them to bind off your stitches at the end without having to break or cut your yarn.