Kids Baseball Costume Ideas

Baseball costumes are easy to put together. Images

Kids often love baseball, whether they play catch in the yard, practice batting with siblings, play on a team in the community or enjoy watching the professionals play. Put together a simple homemade baseball-related costume for your child to wear this Halloween in celebration of one of his favorite activities.


The simplest way to put together a baseball player costume is to purchase a jersey of the child's favorite player from the stadium, team website or a sporting goods store. However, these can be very expensive and might not come in the right size or player for your child. Alternately, make your own. Start with a plain T-shirt and draw pinstripes on it with a fabric marker. Cut the player's number out of felt and use fabric glue to affix it to the back of the T-shirt. For the player's name, either use felt or the fabric marker, depending on your preference.


Complete a baseball player costume with a pair of pants, athletic-looking shoes, baseball cap and a baseball glove. If your little one prefers batting, he can carry a bat instead. For the pants, use any type of solid-colored pants with sporty stripes down the sides. If you do not have any pants with stripes, safety pin strips of felt down the outside of solid-colored pants to make your own for the day.


Another baseball-related costume is for your child to dress up as the ball itself rather than a baseball player. Dress your child in a white shirt and pants, cut out a hole from the bottom of a white garbage bag, stick it over your child's head and cut arm holes on the sides. Stuff the bag with a pillow on each side, use the drawstring on the bottom to keep it closed and draw red stitching on the bag with a permanent marker.

Treat Bag

Rather than sending your baseball player carrying a treat bag decorated like a pumpkin or a basic pillowcase, make a creative treat bag that fits with the costume. Make a traditional plastic pumpkin container into a baseball by painting it white and drawing red stripes and stitching with a permanent marker in a baseball pattern. If you are decent with a sewing machine, use a couple of white scraps of fabric to make a bag shaped like home plate. Cut two pentagons, turn them inside out and sew them together on four edges, leaving the fifth open. Sew a strip of fabric onto either ends of the open edge as a handle. Turn the bag right-side out again and you have a home plate bag.