Instructions of an Origami Money Frog

dollar bill image by jimcox40 from

Things You'll Need

  • Dollar bill
  • Ruler (optional)
  • Pencil (optional)

The next time you leave a tip for a waitress, consider brightening her night by folding your bills into little origami frogs. You can create an hopping frog from a single dollar—or even a hundred dollar—bill. Your frog creation takes no cutting or tearing, and the bill will unfold with only a few tugs to restore it to its original shape.

Turn the dollar bill vertically and fold the top right corner down and over until it touches the left edge. Crease and unfold. Repeat with the top left corner by folding down and over toward the right edge, unfolding after making the crease.

Look for the "X" created by the two creases you just made. Pretend an imaginary line runs horizontally from where the bottom of each crease meets the sides of the dollar bill and fold the top of the dollar bill down until the edge touches this imaginary line. You can draw a real line with a ruler and pencil, if necessary. Crease and unfold.

Lift the dollar bill and while folding the top down again, push inward on the sides so the crease you just created caves inward to form a triangular shape with the top of the dollar bill. Press flat. This is the head of your frog.

Fold the bottom corners of the triangular head of the frog upward to the top point of the head. Crease these folds and you now have two sideways triangles. Fold each triangular flap in half at a 90-degree angle so the tip sticks out past the head. These flaps form the frog's front legs.

Fold each side of the rest of the dollar bill, excluding the head, toward the center. If a side bumps against the bottom of the two legs before reaching the exact center, stop folding and crease it there. Otherwise, crease when each side reaches the center.

Fold the bottom of the dollar bill up to the base of the head and crease. Fold the top of this flap downward to the crease you just created. Crease again and turn over. You now have a frog with the last crease you made serving as the feet. Press down lightly on the frog's back at the end right above his back feet. When you release your finger, the frog will hop.