Instructions for the Mouse Trap Board Game

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Mousetrap is a classic board game that has been enjoyed by kids (and the young at heart) for many years. This game, manufactured by Milton Bradley, provides players with hands=on interactive fun as they try to trap the other player’s mouse by building their own mousetrap. The aim of the game is be the last free mouse at the end of the game.

Unfold the board and place it in the middle of the playing area. Then, separate the “Cheese Cards,” placing them in a pile beside the board.

Choose your mice (one per player) and place them on the area marked “Start.” The youngest player goes first and then the play proceeds to the left.

Throw the dice and move the number of indicated spaces. You must carry out the actions as designated by the space you land on. On "build" spaces, you will be required to start building the mouse trap piece by piece, in order.

Continue gameplay until the mousetrap is complete. During the game you will pick up Cheese Cards which will give you the ability to move other players' mice once the trap is fully built.

Land on a “Turn Crank” space to attempt to capture the opponent’s mouse in the trap when it is built. In order to be caught, the opponent must be on the cheese wheel space. You can trade in a cheese card when you land on the “Turn Crank” space. In doing so, you can roll the dice and move the other player that number of spaces, in the direction of the cheese wheel. When the opponent is under the trap, crank the wheel to release the trap.

Continue play until all of the players have been caught in the mousetrap except for one. That person is the winner.