Instructions for String Art

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Things You'll Need

  • 1-inch-thick wood or corkboard base
  • Hand saw
  • Craft knife
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • String art pattern
  • Black felt
  • Craft glue
  • Masking tape
  • 5/8 inch or #18 finishing nails
  • Ball peen hammer
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Cotton craft string
  • 8 by 10-inch frame

String art hit it big during the 1970’s as an exciting craft and is still popular today. By using a base, nails and a hammer along with various colored strings, designs can be created and hung on a wall. Anything from geometric shapes to detailed creations can be accomplished with string art. Most kids can accomplish string art projects on their own, but may need adult assistance for some steps.

Purchase or create a string art pattern. If you are drawing a pattern, place a dot at every corner or curve of the drawing to designate where nails belong.

Cut out a piece of 1-inch-thick wood to 8 by 10 inches in size using a handsaw, or cut a corkboard tile to 8 by 10 inches using a craft knife.

Cover the base with a piece of black felt using craft glue and let dry overnight. Black felt with self-adhesive backing can also be purchased at most craft stores and used without the wait.

Position the printed pattern on the felt covered base and secure in place with masking tape at each corner.

Begin nailing either small (5/8-inch) veneer pins or #18 finishing nails, both which can be purchased at most home improvement stores, along the points within the pattern. Hammer nails into the base until there is 1/4 inch remaining. Remove the pattern from the base. Straighten any nails, as needed, using a needle nose pliers.

Tie the selected color of string to the first nail.

Follow the pattern directions, or the pre-drawn sketch idea, for creating the string art design. Geometric patterns often have numbers at each point to direct which nail the string should be looped around next. Continue looping string until the pattern is finished. Change colors as needed by tying off one piece of string and then tying on another. Or, create a second layer of string on top of the first to create a multi-color string art design.

Place a drop of craft glue at each string knot to secure the string art. Cut any string hanging from the knots.


  • If you are using more than one color of string, use the pattern as a reference.

    Frame the finished string art in an 8 by 10-inch frame, without the glass, and display within your home or give as a gift to others.


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