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Instructions for a Bell Water Bottle Holder

The Bell universal water bottle holder is sized to hold a standard-sized water bottle without it falling out.
bicycle image by Chepko Danil from Fotolia.com

A Bell Universal Water Bottle Holder is a simple metal cage you install on your bicycle to hold a water bottle within reach of the cyclist. The Bell universal holder comes with its own screws that use a straight-head screwdriver to attach. However, if your bike comes with its own mount and screws, these typically require an allen wrench. While Sears sells the Bell water bottle holder for about $10, prices may vary at other cycling supply stores.

Things You'll Need:

  • Bell Universal Water Bottle Holder
  • Allen Wrench
  • Straight-Head Screwdriver
  • Bicycle With Pre-Attached Screws On Frame
Allen wrenches come in a variety of sizes; select the size that fits the screws on your bicycle.
allen keys image by Christopher Dodge from Fotolia.com

Collect the Bell water bottle holder, allen wrench or straight-head screwdriver (whichever works with the screws you are using), and a standard bicycle with predrilled mount holes and screws already attached.

Most bicycles come with two pre-drilled screws ready to attach a water bottle holder.
screws image by Horticulture from Fotolia.com

Use the straight screwdriver or allen wrench to removed the two screws from the pre-drilled holes on the bike and set the screws nearby.

Remove the Bell universal water bottle holder from its packaging and center the two screw holes on the bottle holder over the two screw holes on the bike frame.

The Bell universal water bottle holder comes with screws that require a flat-head screwdriver to secure.
screwdriver image by Sid Viswakumar from Fotolia.com

Place the top screw through the water bottle holder hole and into the bike frame hole. Then use the correct allen wrench or straight-head screwdriver to tighten the screw down securely. Repeat the step with the bottom screw.

The Bell water bottle holder will securely hold a full or empty water bottle while the bike is moving.
water bottle image by Radu Razvan from Fotolia.com

Slip a standard-sized water bottle into the Bell universal water bottle holder.


While cycling shops will attach a water bottle holder to your bike for you, it's typically not a job that requires a professional, especially if the bike comes with its own mount. If a mounted water bottle holder is not something you want to attach, there are on-the-body water bottle accessories that you can purchase instead.


  • Most bicycles come with pre-drilled water bottle mounts and screws. If your bike doesn't have pre-drilled holes, do not try to drill the holes in the metal frame yourself. Take the bike to a cycle shop to have it done professionally. Not only can drilling into the frame be dangerous, but improperly placed holes will prevent the holder from attaching securely.
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