How to Increase a Wireless Camera's Range

A wireless camera, whether used for surveillance or home security or as a convenience in a video setup, relies on its antenna to transmit the video to the receiver. You can increase the range of the transmission by adding a parabolic reflector to the antenna. The parabolic reflector will enable the camera’s antenna to better focus its signal towards the receiver. A few supplies from a hardware store and grocery store are all that is needed. The wireless camera will not have to be disassembled for the antenna’s range to be increased.

Wireless Camera Without External Antenna

Open the metal strainer to its fully extended position. Place the outside of the metal strainer against the back or side of the wireless camera -- the position will be determined by the location of the internal antenna which can be found in the instruction manual accompanying the camera.

Tape the camera to the metal strainer with strips of masking tape.

Angle the inside of the metal strainer so that it is facing in the general direction of the wireless receiver to which the wireless camera is transmitting.

Wireless Camera With External Antenna

Measure the width of the tip of the external antenna attached to the wireless camera. Write this measurement down on a piece of paper.

Place the metal strainer on a work surface with the outside facing up. Select a drill bit that is larger than the measurement that was written down. For example, if the measurement is 1/8 inch, select a 1/4-inch drill bit.

Insert the drill bit into the front of the portable drill and rotate the drill locking knob at the front end clockwise. If there is a drill bit screw on the locking knob, rotate the screw clockwise using the included drill bit screw tool.

Drill a hole in the center of the strainer with the portable drill. Smooth out the inside edges of the hole with the drill bit. Place the tip of the antenna through the hole in the outside of the metal strainer.

Open the strainer so that it is fully extended. Tape the sides of the strainer to the wireless camera with strips of masking tape. Rotate the tip of the antenna in the general direction of the wireless receiver to which the wireless camera is transmitting.

Things You'll Need

  • Metal strainer, 12 inches diameter
  • Portable drill
  • 1/2-inch drill bit
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Masking tape


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