How to Identify My Antique Crystal Pattern

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Perhaps you have inherited a beautiful set of your grandmother’s antique crystal glassware, or you picked up a set at a yard sale or estate sale. You want to identify the pattern so you know what crystal you have, should you need to replace a piece. Maybe you just want to get an idea of its value. Although some antique crystal patterns are easy to identify, others are not very simple. Identifying an antique crystal pattern will almost certainly require some work on your part.

Look for any identifying marks on your crystal. Take a picture of these marks and of your crystal for reference purposes.

Check with a dinnerware replacement company. One such company, recommended by, is Replacements Ltd. This company will try to help you identify your pattern by distinguishing marks. Call 1-800-REPLACE.

Go online. If you haven't found your pattern and are still searching, one great website is It has a database of antique crystal where you can try to find your pattern. Another good website for identifying crystal patterns is

Take out some books from the library with pictures of antique crystal patterns. Another option is to speak with an antiques collector or expert.

Things You'll Need

  • Crystal glassware
  • Photo of crystal pattern
  • Crystal patterns website
  • Library books


  • Do not get discouraged. notes that some vintage and antique crystal pieces are not marked and may take considerable time and research to identify.


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