Ideas to Make a Space Costume

Victor Holguin/Demand Media

Creating space costumes at home is easy and affordable. Explore the mysteries of the final frontier in style. Dress as a flying saucer or a rocket to zoom across the galaxy in search of extraterrestrial life. Come in peace as an alien or an astronaut or reflect the mysterious beauty of the stars as a planet or solar system.

Aliens & Astronauts

Victor Holguin/Demand Media

Represent the earth as an astronaut from NASA. Use a white or orange sweatshirt and sweatpants set as a base. Print NASA images on iron-on transfer paper and follow the instructions to transfer the images to the sweatshirt’s front and shoulders. Wear the costume with black boots and a white helmet. Use a spaceship or flag for props.

Become a humanoid alien by complimenting an outrageous costume with painted skin and wild hairstyles. Use body paint to turn yourself green, blue, or another bold color. Dye your hair a funny color, purchase a wig, or fashion a wacky hairstyle. Aliens with long hair can wrap it around a section of pipe and gel it in place for a pointy look, or braid and gel it at odd angles. If desired, create a mask by covering a balloon with papier mâché?and allowing it to harden.


Victor Holguin/Demand Media

Start by assembling the basic planet shape. Cover a large beach ball with papier mâché. Paint the ball in the colors of the desired planet, such as blue and green for Earth or blue for Neptune. For Saturn or another ringed planet, wrap wire around a Hula Hoop and insert the end of the wire through the papier mâché ball. Cut holes in the ball for the wearer’s head and arms. Cut a hole in the bottom wide enough for the wearer to fit his body through the ball.

If one planet isn’t enough, dress as the whole solar system. Assemble a solar system from painted Styrofoam balls and connect them to a black bike helmet with fabric wire and glue.


Victor Holguin/Demand Media

Be an alien in a flying saucer. Cut two large rings from cardboard and duct tape the edges together. Stuff the inside with crumpled newspaper and duct tape the other side. Cover with papier mâché and paint the flying saucer with black paint. Add different colors of paint for windows and other designs. Try painting with glow in the dark paint or using glow in the dark bracelets to make eerie lights. Dress like an alien with brightly colored clothing, face paint, goggles and antennae. Wear the flying saucer by attaching elastic or rope as shoulder straps.

A rocket can also be constructed from cardboard. Start by forming a tube that fits around the body. Add a cone shape to the top. If necessary, reinforce the entire creation with sturdy wire. Wrap the outside with tin foil or a shiny fabric and secure the decorations with glue or tape. Cut a window in the side of the rocket for the wearer to look out. Add arm holes as well. Use crepe paper streamers to represent fire and wear black shoes to complete the ensemble.