Ideas for Prize Give Aways

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Prize giveaway ideas create gifts for people who attend a specific event. You can use the prizes to thank guests at a wedding or entice potential customers to a business. The prize can be as simple as a plastic key chain or as complicated as a porcelain statue. You can use the giveaway for a random drawing, a raffle or a party game.

Low-Cost Giveaway Ideas

Useful trinkets are a popular type of low-cost prize giveaway. Decorate a fridge magnet, coffee cup, plastic key chain, mini-flashlight, windshield scraper, pen, pencil or notepad with your business logo for a promotional event. Make sure to include the business name, address, telephone number and email address on each prize trinket. The trinkets are usually cheap enough that you can offer a prize to everyone who attends your event.

Decorate low-cost trinkets with different pictures and patterns for prize giveaways at a theme party. For example, use a plastic pumpkin key chain for a Halloween party or a heart-bordered notepad for a Valentine's Day party. Use a white rose fridge magnet for a wedding giveaway or a bow-patterned pencil for a birthday giveaway.

Moderately Priced Giveaway Ideas

Spend a moderate amount of money on prize giveaways that are impressive, but don’t break the bank. A business can save money and promote products by offering small gift baskets filled with products or service coupons. For example, a specialty soap business should offer a small basket filled with a variety of soaps. A legal business should offer a small basket filled with paper pads, pencils and coupons for free legal consultations.

Use food and drink products to create a moderately priced prize giveaway for a non-business related party. Offer a coffee and hot chocolate gift basket as a prize for a wedding shower raffle. Place a selection of chocolate candies in a decorative bag as a prize for a baby shower game.

Expensive Giveaway Ideas

Use expensive prize giveaways for impressive gifts that can help draw people to your business or personal event. Vacation trips tend to be popular prizes, especially if they include travel and meal expenses. Save a little money and create a prize that offers a trip to a local resort within driving distance. Go all out and create a prize that offers a trip to a tropical island with airfare, hotel and meals included.

Gift certificates to a fancy restaurant also tend to be popular prize giveaways, regardless if you’re throwing a business meeting or a birthday party. The best certificates are large enough for two to four people to have a full meal at the restaurant. If you don’t want to offer a restaurant certificate, you can also offer massage certificates, grocery gift cards, pre-paid credit cards and home-cleaning service gift certificates.