Ideas For a Crazy Mall Scavenger Hunt for Teens

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Leading teenagers on a scavenger hunt is a fun activity that will excite and engage them. Following a crazy hunt list will have them laughing and recounting stories for a long time. Malls are great places to have a scavenger hunt because of the large space and vast amount of people. Whether it's your teen's birthday, an end-of-the-season team party or just a weekend activity for friends, going on a crazy mall scavenger hunt will bring a smile to everyone's face.

Performance Hunt

This scavenger hunt centers around silly performances that must be witnessed by other people in the mall. Give your scavenger hunt teams a list of things they must perform. This list could include activities like breakdancing, impersonating a gorilla or reciting a nursery rhyme. The participants have to find a person in the mall who is willing to witness the performance and sign his name on the hunt sheet as proof. Once the scavenger hunt is over, regroup and share experiences. If you have a few video cameras, you also could record the performances for a funny viewing later.

Odd Items

Another fun scavenger hunt is collecting odd items. Make a list of unusual items that the team members must find in the mall. Set a rule that they can ask someone to give them the item, but they cannot buy the item from a person or a store. Odd items might include a buffalo nickel, a purple sock and a half-eaten lollipop. The group that finds the most items from the list wins.

Picture Hunt

You'll need cameras or cellphones that have cameras for this scavenger hunt. Make a list of photos that each team must obtain. Examples of photos you might use on your list include a family with five or more kids, a person with green hair, a clothing item with a picture of a famous person on it and an animal. Have the team members go around the mall and snap pictures from the list, making sure they ask permission first. The team that comes up with the most photos from the list wins. You also might consider compiling all the photos into a funny slide show or collage later.

Mall Trivia

This scavenger hunt takes some preparatory scouting on your part, but it can prove to be a fun and challenging hunt for the participants. Go through the mall ahead of time and jot down some notes concerning obscure facts about the mall. These facts will be the basis for your hunt list. For instance, some of the items on your list might read: "What color are the letters on the restroom sign by the main entrance?" "How many vending machines are there in the entire mall?" "How many stores in the mall sell jewelry?" Give your teams their lists and a time limit and see which team can find the most correct mall facts within that amount of time.