Ideas for a List for a Scavenger Hunt

Zedcor Wholly Owned/ Images

A scavenger hunt can be a great idea for a fun party. It’s up to you whether it’s for kids or adults, outdoor or indoor, or if it has a holiday theme. You assign teams—perhaps three or four to a team. You can give each team a disposable camera (to take pictures of items or people), a map, a phonebook and the list of the items they need to find. You can make a list including anything you like. Here are a few ideas you might use for an around-town scavenger hunt for adults.

Police Officer

The teams have to find a police officer somewhere in town and use their disposable camera to take a photo with him. During the hunt, at least one team member should be in each photo, and you can require that each team member has to be in a photo at least once. Assign different levels of points depending on the difficulty of the photo.

Fire Truck

A fire truck is another item you can require the teams take a picture of. It’s a generic object, but something that can be found in your community. For example, a team might go to the local fire station and take a picture of a team member in front of a fire truck parked at the station.

Teddy Bear

For this one, the teams may go to a store where they could find teddy bears, such as Hallmark, and take a picture. This item is pretty common, but the players might have to think more about where to find one. A teddy bear, fire truck and police officer are three examples of items on your scavenger list you could require the players to take pictures of. Try including about 20 different items to take pictures of and about 20 items to collect.

Chinese Restaurant Menu

This is an item that the teams could collect. This one is pretty easy to find—others might be more difficult. Give each team a bag to collect their items in.

Movie Ticket Stub

A movie ticket stub is a fun item that could end up being tricky. The teams might have to find an old ticket stub lying around or grab one from a moviegoer in order to get a stub.

Pine Cone

Depending on your location, teams may have to find a wooded area to pick up a pine cone. Adding this item to the list can shake things up a little bit--it involves searching for something in nature, as opposed to something that you’d find around town. The pine cone, movie ticket stub and Chinese restaurant menu are just three items you can add to the list for teams to collect on the scavenger hunt.