Ideas for Fun Fair Stalls

Fairs offer loads of entertainment for the entire family. Food, craft and game stalls are found in most fairs, whether it's a school fair or a county fair, but you can set up other kinds of stalls too. Host a fair that's interesting and exciting with stalls that offer fun for people of all ages. Volunteers can help to make the experience offered by different stalls a memorable and fun-filled event.

Hair Salon

Assign someone to color hair by using temporary colored hair spray. People can choose to color their hair completely or in streaks. Girls can get different hairstyles, such as braids, and boys can get their hair spiked with gel. You can also add different things to hair, including glitter and feathers. If you have the space and enough people to work the booth, you can even have a selection of nail polish so people can get their nails colored.

Fortune Teller

Dress someone, such as a student or a teacher, as a fortune teller for your fortune teller stall. Have them wear a peasant top, long skirt, a head scarf and lots of faux gold necklaces and bracelets. The "fortune teller" can read your palm or tell your fortune with a crystal ball, which can be made using a gold fish bowl, or with tarot or playing cards.


Decorate a stall like an Old West jail and have students dress as sheriffs who manage the stall and arrest people at the fair. Arrests are based on a specific criteria that can change throughout the day. For example, for one hour they arrest people wearing blue and another hour they arrest people wearing flip flops. Those who are arrested have their arms tied gently with a rope and are taken to the jail. Friends have to pay a fee to get their people out of jail.

Tattoo Parlor

Include a tattoo parlor as one of your fair's stalls by using temporary tattoos. Have a wide selection of tattoos, which are inexpensive and simple to apply. Different kinds of tattoos that you can have include tribal, butterfly, floral, pirate, rock star and animal tattoos. Charge a fee not only based on the number of tattoos that you apply but on the size of the tattoos as well. Likewise, you can have a henna tattoo booth instead of the temporary kinds of tattoos on paper.