Ideas for Wizard of Oz Props

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"The Wizard of Oz" is one of the most popular movies of all time and a favorite subject for theater productions and party themes. To fully evoke the story of the Emerald City, Dorothy's Kansas farm or the Wicked Witch's evil ways, you will need authentic-looking props.

Yellow Brick Road

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One of the most important elements in "The Wizard of Oz" is the famous yellow brick road. To create a yellow brick road of your own, paint a yellow brick pattern on a large scroll of durable paper and adhere it to the floor. Using perspective drawing techniques, extend the design onto the backdrop or wall to give the appearance of the road going off into the distance.

Witch's Broom

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A broom is the Wicked Witch's primary mode of transportation. Don't just go with an ordinary broom -- choose or create a rustic broom that has uneven bristles tied to a stick with twine.


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Hay is an important component in creating the set for Dorothy's family farm as well as the Scarecrow's costume. Purchase bales of hay at an agricultural supply store.


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The Wicked Witch uses a large hourglass to count down the time Dorothy has left at the dramatic climax of the story. Find an hourglass online or scour antique stores and flea markets for an authentically vintage one.

Ruby Slippers

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Another quintessential prop is the Ruby Slippers that are passed down to Dorothy when she arrives in Munchkinland. Not just a part of the costume, the Ruby Slippers are coveted by the Wicked Witch. Many costume shops carry Ruby Slippers, or you can make your own by applying red sequins or glitter to a pair of short-heeled Mary Jane shoes.


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Before entering the Emerald City, Dorothy and friends find themselves under the Wicked Witch's spell in a field of poppies. Find silk poppies at a craft or fabric store. Use floral arrangement foam to stand the poppies upright and create a field of them across the stage or floor.


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Don't forget Dorothy's faithful companion Toto. Since getting a real dog might be troublesome for a play or party, find a small stuffed toy terrier. Make sure to get a basket for Toto, which Dorothy will carry.