Ideas for Group Projects for Painting Canvas

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Working together on a collaborative art effort can be an enjoyable experience. Devising a group project for an art class or other activity that involves painting a canvas can teach participants important lessons regarding not only art techniques, but also the rewards of achieving an intended goal as a group.

Works by Children

A wonderful way to get kids to feel a sense of pride in themselves is to have several children work on a painting together. This exercise will have the added benefit of teaching children the value of working with others in a group effort to achieve a desired outcome. A large enough canvas will allow each child to develop a specific aspect of the overall work. For example, if the intended work is based on a subject such as animals, each child could be responsible for painting their animal into the scene. You may also want to consider sectioning off specific areas on a large canvas for each artist to work. Young children should be supervised during this activity.

Projects for Seniors

Senior citizens may also reap benefits from participating in a group painting project, as it can give those seniors that may normally be isolated a chance to work with others and enjoy some social interaction. Seniors can work together to create a painting that will be displayed in a local library or civic center or that will be auctioned off to support a charitable cause.

Art by Committee

While it is often a wise idea to have a sketch or layout of the artistic work you wish to create, especially when it involves several people, another approach can be to allow for the free flowing of ideas as each artist works individually to add to the work in progress. While this has the possibility of ruffling a few feathers if one artist disagrees with another, it also has the potential of creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece and teaching participants about cooperation while still maintaining their own individual views.