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Ideas for Cool Female Photo Shoots

Planning a shoot helps execution be much more efficient.
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Female photo shoots can have a wide variety of themes. The theme will usually dictate the setting. For example, professional female head-shots will almost always be done in a studio. Cool photo shoot are ones that challenge both the photographer and female model. Cool female photos shoots are ones that make use of the model's unique feminine features and can even play on traditional gender roles. The shoot should be something unique that will add to both portfolios. All elements (location, makeup, wardrobe, model) should be aligned for one theme.


Nature shoots are done outdoors, typically during the day, although they can also be done at night. Night outdoor shots are trickier because external light sources will be needed. For example, a non-traditional night shot for a female is to place her in the role of a killer roaming the woods, rather than a frightened female lost in a forest. Select a location that will allow the team to work undisturbed. A quiet area of the beach, clearing in the forest, rock formation or desert are all excellent locations. The backdrop can add to the theme of the shoot; for example, exotic wild makeup in the forest or commando gear in the desert. The female can be painted in body makeup that matches the environment: green leaves or desert sand patterns.

Costumes, Wardrobe and Set Design

Wardrobe helps make a shoot. Accessories and attention to detail help provide the smaller details that make a shoot magical. Wardrobe is meant to accentuate the look of the model and complement it. Entire shoots can be made or ruined with wardrobe decisions. Select a wardrobe that is unconventional, such as a period costume. Looks from another decade, such as mod dresses from the '60s, layered and lacy Victorian garments or even high fashion, can all provide for some cool photos. For example, juxtaposing an elegant evening gown in a modern building can heighten the effect of the wardrobe.

Makeup & Hair

Makeup and hair are both extremely important, as they can reshape the look of the model. Style the hair and makeup to match the theme of the photo shoot. Or use contrasting hair and makeup and create a provocative look, such as a female model in a business suit with exaggerated, aggressive makeup. Otherwise stick to makeup and hair that suits the theme. For example, a casual sunny day in the park with a flowing summer dress would fit with minimal natural makeup and less product in the hair. More shocking special-effects makeup can be used to create a provocative look, such as wounds, deformation or scarring. This type of shoot plays on the definition of conventional beauty and body dysmorphia, flouting the conventional wisdom of shooting female models to look their most beautiful. Androgynous makeup, hair and wardrobe can remove all traces of femininity and play with gender roles.

Studio Shoots

Photos taken in a studio on a white background can be altered in photo editing software and turned into artistic and breathtaking images. Have the model try many different looks and poses to give the photographer more to work with in post-production. Have some themes in mind before the shoot, such as outer space, paradise gardens, or even a cemetery. Select non-traditional roles for the female, such as computer nerd, soldier or astronaut. The female can also be turned into mythical creatures, such as a fairy, nymph or spirit, with photo editing software.

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