Ideas for a Retractable Pot Rack

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Usually pot racks are found in big kitchens with lots of space, but small kitchens need them more than big kitchens do. However a pot rack in a small kitchen can be overpowering and ugly. A retractable pot rack can slide in and out of the way for either convenience, aesthetics or both. It is not always easy to figure out exactly where to place a retractable pot rack; however, once you have, building it is fairly easy. You just need to figure out where to build it.

Inside a Cabinet

Most kitchens have a long cabinet that goes from the floor to the ceiling or, if your cabinets are low-lying ones that don’t go up to the ceiling, these long cabinets go to the level of the rest of your cabinets. These cabinets are usually meant to be used as a pantry, a place to store non-perishables, canned foods and other consumables that don’t need to be refrigerated. Sometimes these cabinets have retractable shelves and these retractable shelves make a perfect place to build a retractable pot rack.

Over the Stove

Most of the time, kitchens already have something built in over the stove. Some kitchens have microwave ovens there or a kitchen fan or even cabinets. If you have a microwave oven over your stove, then you should probably think about building your retractable pot rack somewhere else; if you don’t, then this is a perfect spot for a retractable pot rack. It is conveniently located at the spot that you are most likely to need your pots and it is already out of the way.

On Top of Low-Top Cabinets

Some kitchen cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling, others do not. These low-top cabinets can be useful for decorating your kitchen, placing indoor plants, or even building a retractable pot rack. If your low-top cabinets are still too high for you to reach easily, then you might want to consider another spot. But if you can easily reach the top of your cabinets, or if you can use a small step-ladder to reach there, then using that spot for a retractable pot rack would be ideal, because it is both out of the way and out of sight.


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