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Ideas for a Graduation Memory Book

Include a page for the grad's friends to sign their names and write messages.
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Graduation, whether from high school, college or even one of the lower grades, is a major occasion that is likely to spur plenty of memories in proud parents and other relatives. Creating a memory book as a gift for the grad is a thoughtful way to capture those precious memories and remind the grad of how far she has come.

School Memories

If you’ve saved photos and memorabilia from the graduate’s school years, a memory book tracking his growth and progress makes a thoughtful gift. Create a one- or two-page spread for each year, including school photos, team photos and snapshots from the school year along with copies of report cards, progress reports and written memories of the school year. Take note of any major achievements for each year, the friends that the grad was closest with during that time and anything else that made each year of school special.

Senior Memories

Senior year is packed full of once-in-a-lifetime activities that a grad will probably want to remember forever. Create a memory book to capture those good times, with pages for prom, graduation, senior class trip and awards ceremonies. Include college acceptance and scholarship letters, copies of senior yearbook pictures and snapshots of good times with friends throughout the year. If you don’t have all of the memorabilia and photos for this project handy, design a book with decorative papers and embellishments, and leave space for the grad to add her own photos and mementos after the graduation festivities wind down.

Advice Book

Friends and family are bound to have plenty of advice for a new high school or college grad, and a memory book is an ideal way for them to offer that advice in a form that the grad can refer to again and again. It’s also a thoughtful activity for a graduation party. Create a book using graduation-themed papers and embellishments, leaving space for party guests to write out their words of wisdom for the grad. During the festivities, take a snapshot of each guest that contributes to the book, preferably with the guest of honor, and add match the photos to the advice-giver.

Life in Review

Instead of focusing on just school memories, create a “This is Your Life” book for a new grad as he embarks upon a new phase in his life. Begin with baby pictures and cover his life up through graduation. Include memorabilia (or copies) of newspaper clippings, school play programs, mementos from after-school activities or church and anything that tells the story of the grad and how he got where he is today.

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