Ice Bucket Design Ideas

Do you need creative ideas on finding or creating your own ice bucket? There are several items around your home that can be used for an ice bucket without spending money. Here are just a few ideas.

Metal Wash Bucket

One classic way to create your own ice bucket is by using a metal wash bucket. Metal wash buckets are commonly made of a metal or tin material with handles on either side of the bucket. By filling the wash bucket completely with ice, you have created your own ice bucket, and the best part is that there is plenty of room for soda, alcohol or other items that need to be chilled. This ice bucket is a wonderful idea for backyard barbecues.

Sand Pail

To create a smaller version of an ice bucket, find a child's sand pail. Simply fill the pail with ice and place your bottled or canned beverages inside. The pail can be jazzed up with embellishments on the outside, or with decorative ribbon for a more formal look.

Large Serving Bowl

Find a large serving bowl in your cupboard. The serving bowl works best if you use a metal or plastic one. Fill the serving bowl with ice and chill your beverages. Try to avoid using a glass bowl, unless you are using canned items that won’t break or chip the glass.

Trash Can

Although this may not seem to be the most conventional choice for an ice bucket, a trash can of any size makes a wonderful container for keeping beverages cold. The secret is to make sure you are using a clean trash can. Use either a smaller trash container, a large container or even a metal trash can. Any of these sized cans would make wonderful ice buckets. Consider decorating the outside of the container with fabric or ribbon to make the container look more appealing.

Cooking Pots

Several pots are perfect candidates for ice buckets because they are metal and will insulate your items. In addition, they have handles on either side, so you can easily move the container to another location, and they have a nice look to them. Fill your pot with ice, and place your beverages inside.