How to Write Sheet Music With Microsoft

Music notation consists of written symbols to represent the sounds, beats and rhythm of music.
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If you desire to write sheet music with Microsoft Windows, you can accomplish this with music notation software. Music notation software helps you to create your sheet music easily. It's great for music students, music professors, musicians and other music professionals. In order to download music notation software for your Microsoft Windows computer, you need to make sure the music software is Microsoft Windows compatible. A variety of quality software is available to choose from for a fee.

Purchase and download "Sibelius" software (see Resources). "Sibelius" is Microsoft Windows compatible and includes scanning handwritten scores into Sibelius. The software has special notations such as guitar tab, figured bass and transposing instruments. You can also conduct your scores. There is also a free trial available.

Download the free trial for "Finale" software (see Resources). The "Finale" software is Microsoft Windows compatible and has many "Finale" software versions for musicians, students and music teachers to use. The most comprehensive software is "Finale." There are also other versions that are lower than the "Finale" software and is made according to each person's specific need or desire such as "Finale Allegro," "Finale Print Music" and "Finale SongWriter."

Download the "Musictime Deluxe" software by GVOX for Microsoft Windows (see Resources). Some of its features include creating musical scores with MusicTime Deluxe, notating sheet music with up to 16 staves with a total of eight instruments per staff and arranging notes and rests anywhere that you desire on your scores.