How to Write a Child-actor Resume

Things You'll Need

  • Portfolio
  • 8-by-10 photographs
  • Resume

Like any acting resume, a child's acting resume is typically presented chronologically and includes any information regarding the child's experience in the field of entertainment. The child's acting resume can then be used with agents and modelling agencies and on casting calls.

Write a short biography for the child. This includes the basic information, such as where the child was born, where the child grew up and any personal information that relates to the child's early interest in acting, including participation in school plays, modelling events or artistic endeavors that help demonstrate the child's artistic inclination. Along with this information, include contact information for the agent and parents.

Detail your child's acting career in reverse chronological order. Begin with the date of the most current acting assignment and work backward. Make the presentation clear and simple.

Prepare the resume by placing it in a portfolio, along with two or three 8-by-10 shots of your child. If you have still photographs of your child on the set of a previous acting assignment, include them as well. This portfolio is what your child will take for casting calls and interviews with agents. The goal is to make the resume as easy to read as possible.


  • Avoid fancy colors on the paper or graphics. A simple resume presented in standard resume format, with the essential information you will need. The credits and your child's audition will speak for itself.


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