How to Write a Bibliography for a Song

Things You'll Need

  • Song
  • Paper
  • Pencil

Quoting or referencing a song in your research paper can add an extra creative element to you work. If you're a student studying music, it may even be required. First determine what format your bibliography should be in for the song you are using. Typical formats are the MLA and Chicago Style. Each of these has a different format for referencing a song.

MLA Style

Write the song artist's last name and first name separated by a comma.

If you have the song artist's middle name, write that after the first name. End the entry with a period.

Follow the artist's name with the song title. End that entry with a period.

Review your finished MLA bibliography song entry and make sure it looks similar to this: Schmidt, Joe Ian. The Endless Fall of Water.

Chicago Style

Write down the song artist's first and last name on a piece of paper. Follow it with a comma.

Write the title of the song in italics after the song artist's name. Follow it with a comma.

Add the title of the compilation the song appears on. End with a comma.

Write down the editor and producer, and follow each with a comma.

End the Chicago Style entry with the zip code where the compilation was published and a period. Your finished bibliography for a song should look like this: Joe Schmidt, The Endless Fall of Water (in italics), Water Music, Leon Geoffs, Music Productions Corporation, 80133.