How to Word Memory Quilt Labels

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Choose the wording for a memory quilt label to reflect the sentiment attached to the quilt and mark the occasion of its completion. Memory quilts are handmade blankets designed to evoke the past. Some memory quilts are assembled from patches cut out of old garments. Quilts made as a memorial may include photos or other items and images related to a person. Word the label on a memory quilt to leave a personal mark on the moments that had an impression on you.

Find a quote or line of poetry that is fitting to the inspiration for the memory quilt. Quotation and poetry websites are good places to search for appropriate wording.

Compose a sincere and concise message that comes from the heart. This could be as short as one or two words. Consider how much space you have on the label. Choose the words carefully so the meaning is easily understood when read by others.

Dedicate the quilt to the person or event that is the reason for the memory quilt. "This quilt is dedicated to the memory of..." and "This memory quilt was made to commemorate..." are classic examples of dedication label wording. Include any dates that relate to the person or event you are celebrating with the quilt.

Thank the person or group who helped construct the memory blanket by including their name at the end of the label. "Hand-sewn by..." and "Made with love by..." are common wording choices for memory labels.

Consult with everyone involved in the memory quilt project before finalizing the wording for the label. Ask for their input on what you have so far and find out if they have any suggestions or items they would like to add.


  • Draw a picture or image that summarizes the emotion tied into the quilt to go on the back of the label. Easily recognizable symbols like hearts and smiley faces relay positive feelings.


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